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MONFASOL is a highly specialised company in the industrial refrigeration industry. Our expert knowledge and long experience endorse us as a manufacturer of high-edge technical engineering. MONFASOL’s positioning is that of an industrial refrigeration engineering company specialising in natural fluids, mainly NH3 and CO2. Our design capacity and technical potential enable us to provide added value and high-quality products and services, as well as the possibility of delivering comprehensive solutions with optimum traceability throughout the development of each and every one of our products.

Integral solution: design and assembly of complete units

Energy savings and respect for the environment

Customized Projects

References on European market

CE – PED Certified Units

Warranty over pieces and units

Lower installation costs and tax burden

MONFASOL’s offer focuses on pumping equipment, compressors, integral systems combining both and pressure vessels. As stated, the company’s products and projects mainly focus on industrial refrigeration, with the marine, petrochemical and oil & gas industries as the most critical segments.

MONFASOL is a project development and manufacturing company providing products and services to installers or integrators and present in recommendation channels such as engineering companies, consulting firms, technical offices and others.

In the industrial refrigeration market, the search for reliable solutions, especially in the pumping-compressor equipment segments where there is a wide range of activity and a scarce supply of quality, has its perfect answer in the MONFASOL brand.

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